What is Durban Hub?

August 25, 2014


Durban Hub is a vision of a startup ecosystem in Durban that serves to plug Durban into the global community. It is centred on the need to create an enabling environment for the young, gifted and bold as an outlet for their ideas. Durban Hub aims to bring together the brightest technical minds and most promising entrepreneurs to foster the creation and growth of a world-class startup scene in an environment that competes with other similar hubs in the world.

The concept of Durban Hub is a platform and unifying tool that aims to connect the technology and entrpreneurial community in Durban. It is important to know that technology is not a solution in itself but an enabler of solutions and thus the notion of technolgy being a living thing.

The success of an innovation ecosystem in Durban is dependent on education and mentorship in a dual charge to revitalise minds and creating capacity for the adoption of a worldwide thought system.


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