Durban Hub is a civic technology lab creating a community of technology entrepreneurs by providing an enabling environment and equipping them with functional tools to make their ideas work.

We aim to build an ecosystem of young, bold and gifted innovators aimed at inventions and stories at the intersection of science, technology and creative industries.

How do we achieve?

A brave approach to disrupting through innovation

Glocalism – global perspectives; local solutions

Collaboration and value exchange


We provide an environment where:

  • Talent solves relevant problems
  • Industry gains access to innovating start-ups
  • Academia, private and public sectors can collaborate meaningfully

In building the ecosystem we understand the value of knowledge-sharing and create platforms of learning through:

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Networking sessions
Ancillary Objectives

To drive a cohesion of social and economic arenas through:

  • Pursuit of accountable streams of value to create an enabling environment for innovators
  • Capacity building through skills development and retention