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P is for PIVOT

September 18, 2017

Regenerating Durban’s startup scene by providing entrepreneurs with functional tools and creating an enabling environment for their ideas to work.

4 May 2014 saw me start Durban Hub shortly after built a strong team with phenomenal partners. We made strong moves at disrupting Durban and some parts of SA and for a long time seemed to be doing the right thing. Three years on and I feel we’ve not adequately created that enabling environment nor assisted a sustained, sizable amount of entrepreneurs with those functional tools in the way I’d envisioned. Major point of frustration.

So now we’re pivoting. We’re challenging the impersonality innovation might have by creating a mindful, collaborative and challenger model. Moving away from a name that ties us geographically to Durban and the idea of a physical Hub we are building a nimble and eccentric vehicle tackling a broader agenda.

In supporting this pivot we’re now registered as The Innovation Counsel.

Alas, before we’re seen as a shoddy sage, we value our nimbleness and would like to experiment. Operating under TIC we’re building something called PISTA, an acronym for Progress in Science, Technology and the Arts (see what happened there).

PISTA is building itself into a multidisciplinary design firm focusing on design thinking, cultural & creative insights to inform product innovation.

And what of Durban Hub?

We’re aggregating all opportunities the Durban technology innovation ecosystem has to offer via partners: The MakerSpace, Open Data Durban, Innovate Durban, Ndlovukazi Online Media

So that’s it…PISTA

Education, Networking, Opportunities

Future Durban?

September 8, 2016

Tonight we attended a dialogue with Future Cape Town.

“Future Cape Town is a leading platform in Africa promoting democracy about the future of cities.”

This was an explorative session around collaborating with Durban in the establishment of Future Durban. This session was inspired by the increasing growth of ‘durbanism’, a conscious morphing and urbanising of Durban.

It is clear the advent of urbanism is plowing itself into Durban’s social fabric. We look on to see pioneers shaping the space of the city’s future through collective and sustainable activism.

For more info on the initiative, visit the Future Cape Town site and get a sense of the initiative paving its way to eThekwini.



Collaborating with ATRU

April 24, 2016

The Durban Innovation Hub strives to regenerate the Durban startup scene. Through the last year we have a tremendous time engaging with key stakeholders in the ecosystem and have had a cracking time partnering with some of the coolest organisations through engaging events.

Some would say that the ecosystem is a small one and not integrated with the rest of the South African tecnology-innovation and entrepreneurship landscape.

We are now taking it to the next level by exposing local Durbanites to the African conversation through African Tech Round-up one of Africa’s top-ranked African tech podcast in key African markets like Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

Have a listen HERE


Motivation, Networking

SAB Kickstart Ignite

August 27, 2015


SAB KickStart Ignite a new programme where we will partner with FET colleges to introduce a competition aimed at promoting industrial innovation within the youth.

The competition is about supporting an enabling environment for makers to prototype and commercialise their ideas, creating sustainable enterprises that shift the paradigm from consumers to makers of innovative products, services and industries. It will offer training, mentorship and seed grant funding.

Hop on over to the official SAB page for more details HERE


Innovate Durban

August 27, 2015
The Innovate Durban Programme was launched in 2014.
The purpose of this programme is to highlight the importance of innovation in economic processes as well as channel creativity into improving the City.   EThekwini Municipality, the founding member of Innovate Durban, has partnered with various institutions and companies to launch the Innovate Durban brand.
The programme has included a number of projects implemented by the city in collaboration with these key partners to support innovation. It is driven by projects focused on creating awareness, building capacity and skills, encouraging community involvement, boosting public and private sector innovation and creating fundamental linkages between all role players and innovation tools to make innovation easy and possible. These will entail a number of initiatives intended to offer thinkers, aspiring students and budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to share, build capacity, network and investigate technology-based economic and social development as well as increase awareness within the entire municipality regarding innovation.
Objectives of the Innovation Programme:
  •  build a platform that brings the business and academic communities together to enable innovation that solves business challenges, drives economic growth and creates jobs
  • lead innovation in the region by providing businesses access to innovation thinking and technology that will improve their efficiency and effectiveness in their operations
  • support innovation skills development in the region by supporting academic institutions in course development and awareness
  • build credibility for Innovate Durban and the platform through partnerships as well as associations with other key players in the innovation sector.

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