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P is for PIVOT

September 18, 2017

Regenerating Durban’s startup scene by providing entrepreneurs with functional tools and creating an enabling environment for their ideas to work.

4 May 2014 saw me start Durban Hub shortly after built a strong team with phenomenal partners. We made strong moves at disrupting Durban and some parts of SA and for a long time seemed to be doing the right thing. Three years on and I feel we’ve not adequately created that enabling environment nor assisted a sustained, sizable amount of entrepreneurs with those functional tools in the way I’d envisioned. Major point of frustration.

So now we’re pivoting. We’re challenging the impersonality innovation might have by creating a mindful, collaborative and challenger model. Moving away from a name that ties us geographically to Durban and the idea of a physical Hub we are building a nimble and eccentric vehicle tackling a broader agenda.

In supporting this pivot we’re now registered as The Innovation Counsel.

Alas, before we’re seen as a shoddy sage, we value our nimbleness and would like to experiment. Operating under TIC we’re building something called PISTA, an acronym for Progress in Science, Technology and the Arts (see what happened there).

PISTA is building itself into a multidisciplinary design firm focusing on design thinking, cultural & creative insights to inform product innovation.

And what of Durban Hub?

We’re aggregating all opportunities the Durban technology innovation ecosystem has to offer via partners: The MakerSpace, Open Data Durban, Innovate Durban, Ndlovukazi Online Media

So that’s it…PISTA